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What to wear to class in 2019-20

Little Starz… 18months-3yrs.
Light pink bodysuit. Ballerina pink tights are recommended & Skirts may be worn. Black Gym slippers

Rising Starz 4yrs… Black bodysuit with black dance shorts. Black Gym slippers.
Shooting Starz Ballet 5-6yrs… Black bodysuit with Ballerina pink tights. Skirt may be worn. Pink canvas split sole ballet shoes.
Shooting Starz Jazz 5-6yrs,.. Black bodysuit with black dance shorts. Black slip on Jazz shoes. Shooting Starz Acro 5-6yrs,.. Black bodysuit with black dance shorts. Bare feet *No tights.

Shooting Starz Hip Hop 5-6yrs… Black bodysuit with black sweat pants. Clean/Dry black running shoes.


7 year old & up classes… Shining Starz, Show Starz, Pro Starz

Jazz… Black bodysuit with Black dance shorts. Black slip on Jazz shoes.

Acro… Black bodysuit with Black dance shorts. Bare feet. *No tights.

Tap… Black bodysuit with Black dance pants (Leggings) with thin socks. Black Tap shoes.

All above classes…*Boy’s.. Black T-shirt with black shorts. Appropriate shoes for each discipline,

Hip Hop… Black T-Shirt with black sweat pants. CLEAN NOT WORN outside BLACK running shoes. **NO JEANS or JEAN SHORTS!

Theatre – Broadway Starz… Black bodysuit with Black dance pants (Leggings) with Black Jazz Shoes

BALLET & Pointe… Note: Pointe shoes for Pointe
All dancers must wear black body suit with Ballerina pink tights & Pink Canvas split sole ballet shoes.


COMPETITIVE CLASSES… (Tech. and choreography)
Black bodysuit or Black bra top with dance shorts and Ballerina pink tights. *PLAIN BLACK or Pure Energy logo. Appropriate dance shoes for each class and hair in a bun at all times. *Note: Black bodysuit for Ballet.
HAIR… Hair must be tied back in a pony tail in all classes accept for Hip Hop… Ballet – Hair must be in a bun.

Proper dancewear is required every week. We have a dress code in place for each discipline. This enables your instructors to see bodylines and posture; therefore they can make proper corrections to all students. All dancers are expected to have the required attire by the 1st week in October. Inappropriate attire or hair may result in the student being asked to sit out of class.


Hair & Jewellery…

Hair must be up and away from the face, which allows the dancer to have a clear view of others in the room to ensure safe execution of movements.

Ballet students must have a bun. Short hair must be kept off the face by a headband or barrettes. Longer hair must be in a ponytail. Jewellery is not permitted in class.

Behaviour Policy and Etiquette in the classroom…

No cell phones can be used in class. *You can leave your devices at the front of the room with the instructor to avoid things going missing. *Ringers must be turned off.

No gum

Zero tolerance for bullying.

Pure Energy instructors are passionate about maintaining positive attitudes and behaviour while encouraging healthy self-esteem.

Negative comments and behaviour toward self, peers and instructors will not be tolerated.